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This metadata template links visual arts-related Wikipedia articles to various library (and other) catalogue systems, for biographies and other topics.

This template draws most of its values from Wikidata, but they can be overridden by locally entered data. Adding the data to Wikidata is preferable.

If there is no information in Wikidata for the specific subject, an empty instance of this template will be dormant, meaning it will be invisible on the rendered page. Thus, using this template on a page with no authority information is harmless.


This template takes one optional parameter, |country=. With this parameter, extra identifiers can be activated on a country-by-country basis. For example, to show the national library of Spain, you can add |country=ES to the template invocation. Not providing a country generates the default selection of art IDs.

Supported country codes at the moment are

  • CH for Switzerland (adds HDS, LIR and RERO)
  • CZ for Czechia (adds NKC)
  • CL for Chile (adds BNC)
  • ES for Spain (adds BNE and CANTIC)
  • GR for Greece (adds NLG)
  • HR for Croatia (adds NLK)
  • IL for Israel (adds NLI)
  • IT for Italy (adds ICCU and VcBA)
  • JA for Japan (adds NDL)
  • KR for South Korea (adds NLK)
  • LV for Latvia (adds LNB)
  • NL for the Netherlands (adds BPN and NTA)
  • PL for Poland (adds NLP and PLWABN)
  • RO for Romania (adds NLR)
  • RU for Russia (adds RSL)
  • SV for Sweden (adds SELIBR)
  • TR for Turkey (adds TDVIA)
  • TW for Taiwan (adds NCL)
  • UY for Uruguay (adds

Currently, only one country can be added per invocation.

Data types

Wikidata content is used as fallback for all identifiers.

The template validates digits for all values and shows an error if the check fails.

Wherever possible, the template also generates a link to WorldCat Identities, using VIAF or LCCN values, or manually via |WORLDCATID=.


As a metadata template, the Authority control template should be placed after the external links section and navigation templates, right before the categories.


As a rule of thumb: (1) insert the empty version, (2) click "Show preview" to see which sources are automatically pulled from Wikidata, (3a) if you know more sources, add them in the template using their named parameter, (3b) alternatively, consider adding them to the article's "Wikidata item", so that all versions of Wikipedia will automatically benefit.

In addition to the mixed-case parameter names listed on this page, the template also supports all-lowercase alias names of all parameters (except for deprecated ones).

Empty (reliant wholly on Wikidata) : {{Authority control (arts)}}

Selective suppression via blank parameters (reliant on Wikidata, except the suppressed parameters) : {{Authority control (arts) |VIAF= |LCCN= |WORLDCATID=}}

To do

  • Allow multiple country codes
  • Track non-art suppression counts

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