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Dear Template:SuBASEPAGENAME, thank you for nominating yourself as a candidate in the 2011 Arbitration Committee elections. On behalf of the coordinators, allow me to welcome you to the elections and make a few suggestions to help you get set up. By now, you ought to have written your [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2011/Candidates/Template:SuBASEPAGENAME/Statement|nomination statement]] (create), which should be no more than 400 words. Although there are no fixed guidelines for how to write a statement, note that many candidates treat this as an opportunity, in their own way, to put a cogent case as to why editors should vote for them—highlighting the strengths they would bring to the job, and convincing the community they would cope with the workload and responsibilities of being an arbitrator.

In order for your candidacy to be valid, your nomination statement must also include a declaration of any alternate or former user accounts you have contributed under (or, in the case of privacy concerns, a declaration that you have disclosed them to the Arbitration Committee), and must express your willingness and ability to meet the Wikimedia Foundation's access to nonpublic data policy.

You should at this point have your own [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2011/Candidates/Template:SuBASEPAGENAME/Questions|questions subpage]] (create); feel free to begin answering the questions as you please. Together, the nomination statement and questions subpage should be transcluded to [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2011/Candidates/Template:SuBASEPAGENAME|your candidate profile]], whose [[Wikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2011/Candidates/Template:SuBASEPAGENAME|talkpage]] (create) will serve as the central location for discussion of your candidacy. If you experience any difficulty setting up these pages, please follow the links in the footer below. If you need assistance, on this or any other matter (including objectionable questions or commentary by others on your candidate pages), please notify the coordinators at their talkpage. If you have followed these instructions correctly, congratulations, you are now officially a candidate for the Arbitration Committee. Good luck! ~~