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[[(Amtrak station)|]]

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This template expands a name to link to the appropriate Amtrak station article, without displaying "(Amtrak station)".

The template can be abbreviated as {{Amtrak}} or {{amtk}} (for Amtrak station).

Including the optional second argument will add a State name.

For example:

{{Amtrak|Baltimore}} expands to [[Baltimore (Amtrak station)|Baltimore]], and
{{amtk|Ashland|Virginia}} expands to [[Ashland, Virginia (Amtrak station)|Ashland]].

Discretion should be used on whether to name the place itself or the station that serves it. In railway articles it is generally preferred to use the station unless specifically talking about the place, for example that Florence serves the town of Florence.

Most Amtrak stations follow the link form of terminating with “station”/“Station”, “station (Amtrak)” “(Amtrak station)” or “railway station”.

Alternates and redirects[edit]

Some stations have alternate names or require disambiguation:

Name Links to Displays
16th Street 16th Street Station Oakland-16th Street
30th Street 30th Street Station Philadelphia
Aberdeen Aberdeen station (Maryland) Aberdeen
Albany, New York or
Albany, NY or
Albany-Rensselaer or
Albany-Rensselaer, NY or
Albany-Rensselaer, New York
Albany–Rensselaer station Albany–Rensselaer
Albany, Oregon or
Albany, OR
Albany station (Oregon) Albany, OR
Allensworth State Park or
Allensworth State Historic Park
Allensworth State Park station
redirect to Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park#Amtrak station
Allensworth State Park
Anaheim or
Anaheim (ARTIC)
Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center Anaheim
Anaheim (Stadium) Anaheim station Anaheim (Stadium)
Anderson Anderson Regional Transportation Center Woburn–Anderson
Ardmore, Oklahoma or
Ardmore, OK
Ardmore station (Oklahoma) Ardmore, OK
Ardmore, Pennsylvania or
Ardmore, PA
Ardmore station (Pennsylvania) Ardmore, PA
Ashland, Kentucky or
Ashland, KY
Ashland Transportation Center Ashland, KY
Ashland, Virginia or
Ashland, VA
Ashland station (Virginia) Ashland, VA
Atlanta Peachtree station Atlanta Peachtree
Atlantic City or
Atlantic City Rail Terminal
Atlantic City Rail Terminal Atlantic City
Back Bay or
Boston Back Bay
Back Bay station Boston Back Bay
Battle Creek Battle Creek Transportation Center Battle Creek
Battle Creek (MC) Michigan Central Railroad Depot (Battle Creek, Michigan) Battle Creek (MC Depot)
Bill Lee Chipley station Chipley
Birmingham, Alabama or
Birmingham, AL
Birmingham station (Alabama) Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, Michigan or
Birmingham, MI
Birmingham station (Michigan) Birmingham, MI
Boston North North Station Boston North Station
Boston South South Station Boston South Station
Brookhaven or
Brookhaven, Mississippi or
Brookhaven, MS or
Godbold Transportation Center
Godbold Transportation Center Brookhaven
Brunswick or
Brunswick, Maine or
Brunswick, ME
Brunswick Maine Street Station Brunswick, ME
Burbank Airport or
Burbank-Bob Hope Airport
Burbank–Bob Hope Airport station Burbank–Bob Hope Airport
Burlington, Iowa or
Burlington, IA
Burlington station (Iowa) Burlington, IA
Burlington, North Carolina or
Burlington, NC
Burlington station (North Carolina) Burlington, NC
Carlsbad Poinsette or
Carlsbad (Poinsettia)
Carlsbad Poinsettia (train station) Carlsbad (Poinsettia)
Carlsbad Village or
Carlsbad (Village)
Carlsbad Village (train station) Carlsbad (Village)
Centralia, Illinois or
Centralia, IL
Centralia station (Illinois) Centralia, IL
Centralia, Washington or
Centralia, WA
Centralia station (Washington) Centralia, WA
Charleston, SC or
Charleston, South Carolina
North Charleston station Charleston, SC
Charleston, WV or
Charleston, West Virginia
Charleston station (West Virginia) Charleston, WV
Chicago Chicago Union Station Chicago
Chicago (Central Station) Central Station (Chicago terminal) Chicago (Central Station)
Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park or
Colonel Allensworth State Park
Allensworth State Park station
redirect to Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park#Amtrak station
Colonel Allensworth State Park
Columbia, South Carolina or
Columbia, SC
Columbia station (South Carolina) Columbia, SC
Columbus or
Columbus, WI
Columbus station Columbus, WI
Croton–Harmon or
Croton–Harmon (Metro-North station) Croton–Harmon
De Land or
DeLand station DeLand
Dearborn Dearborn station Dearborn
Dearborn Transit Center John D. Dingell Transit Center Dearborn Transit Center
Del Mar or
Del Mar (LA Metro)
Del Mar (Los Angeles Metro station) Pasadena
Detroit Detroit station Detroit
Detroit (MCS) Michigan Central Station Detroit (MC Station)
Durham, NH or
Durham, New Hampshire or
Durham–University of New Hampshire station Durham–UNH
Durham, North Carolina or
Durham, NC
Durham station (North Carolina) Durham, NC
Eugene or
Eugene–Springfield station Eugene–Springfield
Fairhaven Fairhaven Station Bellingham
Florence Florence station (Amtrak) Florence
Florence (ACL) Atlantic Coast Line Depot (Florence, South Carolina) Florence (ACL Depot)
Fort Edward-Glens Falls or
Fort Edward–Glens Falls
Fort Edward station Fort Edward
Fraser – Winter Park or
Fraser–Winter Park or
Fraser-Winter Park
Fraser station Fraser
Freeport, Illinois or
Freeport, IL
Freeport station (Illinois) Freeport, IL
Freeport, Maine or
Freeport, ME
Freeport station (Maine) Freeport, ME
Fremont-Centerville Fremont Station Fremont
Gainesville, Florida or
Gainesville, FL
Old Gainesville Depot Gainesville
Gainesville, Georgia or
Gainesville, GA
Gainesville station (Georgia) Gainesville, GA
Gainesville, Texas or
Gainesville, TX
Gainesville station (Texas) Gainesville, TX
Galesburg Galesburg station (Amtrak) Galesburg
Galesburg (SF) Santa Fe Railway Depot (Galesburg, Illinois) Galesburg (SF Depot)
Grand Forks Grand Forks station Grand Forks
Grand Forks (GN) Great Northern Freight Warehouse and Depot Grand Forks (GN Depot)
Green River or
Green River, Utah or
Green River, UT
Green River station (Utah) Green River, UT
Green River, Wyoming or
Green River, WY
Green River station (Wyoming) Green River, WY
Hastings or
Hastings, NE or
Hastings, Nebraska
Hastings station (Nebraska) Hastings
Hollywood or
Hollywood, Florida or
Hollywood, FL
Hollywood station (Florida) Hollywood
Houston Houston station (Texas) Houston
Houston (SF) or
Houston (Union Station)
Union Station (Houston) Houston (Union Station)
Jackson, Michigan or
Jackson, MI
Jackson station (Michigan) Jackson, MI
Jackson, Mississippi or
Jackson, MS
Union Station (Jackson, Mississippi) Jackson, MS
King Street King Street Station (Seattle) Seattle
La Grange La Grange Road station La Grange Road
Lafayette, Indiana or
Lafayette, IN
Lafayette station (Indiana) Lafayette, IN
Lafayette, Louisiana or
Lafayette, LA
Lafayette station (Louisiana) Lafayette, LA
Las Vegas, New Mexico or
Las Vegas, NM
Las Vegas station (New Mexico) Las Vegas, NM
Las Vegas, Nevada or
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas station (Nevada) Las Vegas, NV
Laurel or
Laurel, Mississippi or
Laurel, MS
Laurel station (Mississippi) Laurel
Levittown Levittown (SEPTA station) Levittown
Levittown–Tullytown Levittown (SEPTA station) Levittown–Tullytown
Lincoln, Illinois or
Lincoln, IL
Lincoln station (Illinois) Lincoln, IL
Lincoln, NE (CB&Q) Lincoln (CB&Q station) Lincoln, NE (CB&Q Depot)
Lincoln, Nebraska or
Lincoln, NE
Lincoln station (Nebraska) Lincoln, NE
Lompoc or
Surf station Lompoc-Surf
Lynchburg or
Lynchburg – Kemper Street
Kemper Street station Lynchburg
Madera Madera station (Amtrak) Madera
Madera (SF) Storey Train Station Madera (SF Station)
Madison, Connecticut or
Madison, CT
Madison (Shore Line East station) Madison, CT
Madison, Florida or
Madison, FL
Madison station (Florida) Madison, FL
Malvern or
Malvern, Arkansas or
Malvern, AR
Malvern station (Arkansas) Malvern, AR
Malvern, PA or
Malvern, Pennsylvania or
Malvern (SEPTA)
Malvern station (Pennsylvania) Malvern, PA
Miami Miami station (Amtrak) Miami
Miami Airport or
Miami Central Station or
Miami (Central Station)
Miami Central Station Miami Central Station
Midway or
Saint Paul - Midway or
Saint Paul – Midway
Midway station (Minnesota) Saint Paul – Midway
Milwaukee Milwaukee Intermodal Station Milwaukee
Milwaukee Airport Milwaukee Airport Railroad Station Milwaukee-Airport
Montgomery, Alabama or
Montgomery, AL
Montgomery Union Station Montgomery, AL
Montgomery, West Virginia or
Montgomery, WV
Montgomery station (West Virginia) Montgomery, WV
New Buffalo New Buffalo station New Buffalo
New Buffalo (PM) New Buffalo station New Buffalo (PM Depot)
New York Pennsylvania Station (New York City) New York City
New York (Grand Central) Grand Central Terminal New York (Grand Central)
Newark Airport Newark Liberty International Airport Station Newark Liberty Int'l Airport
Newark, Delaware or
Newark, DE
Newark station (Delaware) Newark, DE
Newark, New Jersey or
Newark, NJ or
Newark Penn
Pennsylvania Station (Newark) Newark, NJ
Newbern or
Newbern Depot or
Newbern Depot Newbern, TN
Niagara Falls, New York or
Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls station (New York) Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls, Ontario or
Niagara Falls, ON
Niagara Falls railway station (Ontario) Niagara Falls, ON
Normal or
Uptown Station Normal
North Kingston Wickford Junction (MBTA station) North Kingston-Wickford Junction
Oakland 16th Street 16th Street Station Oakland-16th Street
Oakland Coliseum Oakland Coliseum Station Oakland-Coliseum
Oakland–Jack London Square or
Oakland-Jack London Square or
Oakland – Jack London Square or
Oakland - Jack London Square or
Oakland – Jack London Square station Oakland-Jack London Square
Oakland, Maryland or
Oakland, MD
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station (Oakland) Oakland, MD
Old Town San Diego Old Town Transit Center (MTS Transit Center) San Diego-Old Town
Olympia or
Lacey or
Centennial Station Olympia-Lacey
Omaha Omaha station Omaha
Omaha (Burlington) or
Omaha (CB&Q)
Burlington Station (Omaha, Nebraska) Omaha (CB&Q Depot)
Ontario or
Ontario, California or
Ontario, CA
Ontario station (Amtrak) Ontario, CA
Ontario, Oregon or
Ontario, OR
Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot Ontario, OR
Petersburg Petersburg station Petersburg
Petersburg (Union Station) Union Station (Petersburg) Petersburg (Union Station)
Philadelphia 30th Street Station Philadelphia
Philadelphia-Suburban Suburban Station Philadelphia-Suburban
Pomona North or
Pomona (SF)
Pomona (North) station Pamona (SF Depot)
Pontiac, Illinois or
Pontiac, IL
Pontiac station (Illinois) Pontiac, IL
Pontiac, Michigan or
Pontiac, MI
Pontiac Transportation Center Pontiac, MI
Portland or
Portland, Oregon or
Portland, OR
Union Station (Portland, Oregon) Portland, OR
Portland, Maine or
Portland, ME
Portland Transportation Center Portland, ME
Providence Providence station Providence
Providence (Union Station) Union Station (Providence) Providence (Union Station)
Richmond Penn Richmond Railroad Station Historic District Richmond (Penn Station)
Richmond Staples or
Richmond Staples Mill
Richmond Staples Mill Road station Richmond-Staples Mill
Richmond-Broad Street Broad Street Station (Richmond) Richmond-Broad Street
Richmond, California or
Richmond, CA
Richmond Station (California) Richmond, CA
Richmond, Virginia or
Richmond, VA or
Richmond Main St or
Richmond Main Street
Richmond Main Street Station Richmond, VA
Rockford or
Rockford-Main St
Rockford station Rockford-Main Street
Rockford-Alpine Rd Rockford station#New proposal Rockford-Alpine Road
Rockville Rockville station Rockville
Rockville B&O Rockville Railroad Station Rockville
Salem or
Salem, Oregon or
Salem, OR
Salem station (Oregon) Salem, OR
Salisbury or
Salisbury, North Carolina or
Salisbury, NC
Salisbury station (North Carolina) Salisbury
Salt Lake City or
Salt Lake City (UTA)
Salt Lake City Intermodal Hub Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City (D&RGW) Denver and Rio Grande Western Depot (Salt Lake City) Salt Lake City (D&RGW Depot)
Salt Lake City (UP) Salt Lake City Union Pacific Depot Salt Lake City (UP Depot)
San Antonio-Sunset San Antonio station (Texas)#Sunset Station San Antonio-Sunset
San Diego or
San Diego Union Station
Union Station (San Diego, California) San Diego (Union Station)
San Diego Old Town Old Town Transit Center (MTS Transit Center) San Diego-Old Town
San Diego Sorrento Valley Sorrento Valley (train station) San Diego-Sorrento Valley
Sanford Sanford station Sanford
Sanford (ACL) Sanford Atlantic Coast Line Station Sanford (ACL Depot)
Santa Clara – University Santa Clara Station (California) Santa Clara–University
Selma or
Selma Union Depot Selma
Sorrento Valley Sorrento Valley (train station) San Diego-Sorrento Valley
Springfield, Illinois or
Springfield, IL
Springfield station (Illinois) Springfield, IL
Springfield, Massachusetts or
Springfield, MA
Springfield Union Station (Massachusetts) Springfield, MA
Springfield, Virginia or
Springfield, VA
Franconia–Springfield (Washington Metro) Franconia–Springfield
St. Louis Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center St. Louis
St. Louis Union Station Union Station (St. Louis) St. Louis (Union Station)
St. Paul Saint Paul Union Depot Saint Paul (Union Depot)
Stockton - San Joaquin Street or
Stockton-San Joaquin St
San Joaquin Street station Stockton-San Joaquin Street
Stockton – Downtown or
Stockton - Downtown or
Stockton-Downtown or
Robert J. Cabral Station Stockton–Downtown
Suburban Station Suburban Station Philadelphia-Suburban
Surf Surf station Lompoc-Surf
Tacoma Tacoma station (Amtrak) Tacoma
Tacoma (Union Station) Union Station (Tacoma, Washington) Tacoma (Union Station)
Thompson or
Thompson, UT or
Thompson, Utah
Green River station (Utah) Thompson
Thompsonville Enfield (CDOT station) Einfield
Vancouver, British Columbia or
Vancouver, BC
Pacific Central Station Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, Washington or
Vancouver, WA
Vancouver station (Washington) Vancouver, WA
Washington, D.C. or
Washington, DC
Union Station (Washington, D.C.) Washington, DC
Washington, Missouri or
Washington, MO
Washington station (Missouri) Washington, MO
Westwood Route 128 (MBTA station) Westwood Route 128
Wickford Junction Wickford Junction (MBTA station) North Kingston-Wickford Junction
Windsor, Connecticut or
Windsor, CT
Windsor station (Connecticut) Windsor
Windsor, Ontario or
Windsor, ON
Windsor Michigan Central Railroad Depot Windsor, ON
Windsor, Vermont or
Windsor, VT or
Windsor-Mt. Ascutney
Windsor-Mt. Ascutney station Windsor-Mt. Ascutney
Winter Park, Colorado or
Winter Park, CO
Winter Park station (Colorado) Winter Park, CO
Winter Park, Florida or
Winter Park, FL
Winter Park station (Florida) Winter Park, FL


A number of split origins and destinations (some currently unused) are also recognized:

Name Links to Displays Used for
Boston South or Springfield, MA South Station; Springfield Union Station (Springfield, Massachusetts) Boston South Station or Springfield Northeast Regional
Dallas or Houston Union Station (Dallas); Houston station (Texas) Dallas or Houston Lone Star
Fort Worth or Laredo Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center; Laredo station Fort Worth or Laredo Inter-American (1976-1977)
Goleta or San Luis Obispo Goleta station; San Luis Obispo station Goleta or San Luis Obispo Pacific Surfliner
Goleta, Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo Goleta station, Union Station (Los Angeles),; San Luis Obispo station Goleta, Los Angeles, or San Luis Obispo Pacific Surfliner
Houston or Laredo Houston station (Texas); Laredo station Houston or Laredo Inter-American
Houston or Los Angeles Houston station (Texas); Union Station (Los Angeles) Houston or Los Angeles unused
Indianapolis or Washington Indianapolis Union Station; Union Station (Washington, D.C.) Indianapolis or Washington, DC unused
Los Angeles or San Diego Union Station (Los Angeles); Union Station (San Diego, California) Los Angeles or San Diego (Union Station) Pacific Surfliner
Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo Union Station (Los Angeles); San Luis Obispo station Los Angeles or San Luis Obispo San Diegan
Los Angeles or Santa Barbara Union Station (Los Angeles); Santa Barbara station Los Angeles or Santa Barbara San Diegan (1988-1996)
Miami or New York Miami station (Amtrak); Pennsylvania Station (New York City) Miami or New York City Silver Star
New York or Boston South Pennsylvania Station (New York City); South Station New York City or Boston South Station Lake Shore Limited
New York or Washington Pennsylvania Station (New York City); Union Station (Washington, D.C.) New York City or Washington, DC National Limited
Newport News or Lynchburg Newport News station; Lynchburg-Kemper Street Station (Virginia) Newport News or Lynchburg unused
Norfolk or Newport News Norfolk station (Amtrak); Newport News station Norfolk or Newport News unused
Norfolk, Newport News or Lynchburg or
Norfolk, Newport News, or Lynchburg
Norfolk station (Amtrak), Newport News station,; Lynchburg-Kemper Street Station (Virginia) Norfolk, Newport News, or Lynchburg Northeast Regional
Oakland or Sacramento Oakland – Jack London Square station; Sacramento Valley Station Oakland-Jack London Square or Sacramento San Joaquin
Portland or Eugene Union Station (Portland, Oregon); Eugene–Springfield station Portland, OR or Eugene–Springfield unused
Portland or Seattle Union Station (Portland, Oregon); King Street Station (Seattle) Portland, OR or Seattle unused
Richmond, Harrisburg, or Springfield Richmond Staples Mill Road station, Harrisburg Transportation Center,; Springfield Union Station (Massachusetts) Richmond, Harrisburg, or Springfield Atlantic City Express
San Antonio or Los Angeles San Antonio Station; Union Station (Los Angeles) San Antonio or Los Angeles Texas Eagle
Seattle or Portland King Street Station (Seattle); Union Station (Portland, Oregon) Seattle or Portland, OR Empire Builder
Seattle or Vancouver, BC King Street Station (Seattle); Pacific Central Station Seattle or Vancouver, BC unused

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A number of other templates provide the same function for specific systems: