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This template is used for standardized links to the Austria-Forum, which replaces or supplements the database of the aeiou.

Currently not all areas of knowledge are incorporated; only those most frequently used. More can easily be added.

Copy template[edit]

{{austriaforum|<Par 1>|<Par 2>=optional|<Par 3>=optional}}


Parameter 1[edit]

Parameter 1 is an abbreviation of a link t othe article in the Austria-Forum database.

The complete link is located in the individual articles at the bottom in each case, in its own window. The left-hand part of http://www.austria-lexikon.at/af/, common to every link, must be removed.

In using the buttons Seitennamen in die Zwischenablage kopieren on the right in this window, the copied section may immediately be copied into the template. (The button only appears if Adobe Flash Player is installed.)


  • All spaces in the link must be replaced by %20 - replacing them with underscores does not work!
  • All commas in the link must be replaced by %2C.

Parameter 2[edit]

Is optional. The value to be displayed, if it differs from the article text.

Parameter 3[edit]

Is optional. The author or editor can be displayed.


* {{Austriaforum|AEIOU/Allerheiligen%20im%20M%C3%BChlkreis|Allerheiligen im Mühlkreis}}
* {{Austriaforum|Wissenssammlungen/Bildlexikon_Österreich/Orte_in_Niederösterreich/Mödling|Mödling}}
* {{Austriaforum|Wissenssammlungen/Biographien/Geiger,_Arno|Arno Geiger|I. Schinnerl}}
* {{Austriaforum|Wissenssammlungen/Briefmarken/1990/Hahnenkammrennen|50. Hahnenkammrennen - Kitzbühel}}
* {{Austriaforum|Wissenssammlungen/Sakralbauten/Pfarrkirchen%20in%20Wien/22_Neukagran|Pfarrkirche Neukagran}}

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