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This template is used by SoxBot, for RfA and RfB statistical tracking. It's designed to be used inside of a wikitable.


  • Candidate = The candidate's Wikipedia nick
  • Support = The number of supports
  • Oppose = The number of Opposes
  • Neutral = The Number of Neutrals
  • End date = The date the RfX ends
  • Time left = The amount of time left before the RfX ends
  • Dups = If the bot detected duplicates
  • Rfa = Yes, if it's an RfA, corrects links.
  • Expired = If yes, the RfX is past closing time


{{Bureaucrat candidate|candidate=Example|support=60|oppose=6|neutral=4|end date=02:32, 22 November 2015|time left=6 days, 6 hours|dups=no|rfa=yes}}

Would output (Inside a wikitable):

Example 60 6 4 91 02:32, 22 November 2015 6 days, 6 hours no report