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General cleanup

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing cleanup 21,381 0.42
Articles needing rewrite 92 0
Articles needing expert attention 166 0
Wikipedia articles in need of updating 99 0

Reference problems

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing factual verification 4,059 0.08
All articles with unsourced statements 297,521 5.87
All articles lacking sources 217,260 4.29
All unreferenced BLPs 3,306 0.44
All articles needing additional references 277,217 5.47
Wikipedia references cleanup 87 0
All articles lacking in-text citations 83,260 1.64
All articles with dead external links 107,458 2.12

Image cleanup problems

Category Entries Percentage
Images for cleanup 0 -
Images lacking a description 0 -
Wikipedia files with unknown source 86 -

Other problems

Category Entries Percentage
All articles to be merged 11,685 0.23
All articles to be split 666 0.01
Unsorted Stubs 450 -
Stub categories 13,746 -
Uncategorized pages 9 0
All articles that need to be wikified 0 0
All orphaned articles 129,756 2.56
All articles needing copy edit 1,769 0.03
All articles needing style editing 15,115 0.3
All Wikipedia articles needing context 3,773 0.07
All articles that may contain original research 14,836 0.29
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This template aims to track various maintenance backlogs across Wikipedia. It is split up into several categories:

Please note that some of the counts may be inaccurate. If a count is inaccurate, try purging the relevant template. Some cleanup types don't have tracking categories, an example is Category:NPOV disputes. The database index may also be out of date due to prior bugs, see bug 18488.

These templates use expensive parser functions. Using this template on pages with lots of these may cause something to break.