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This template displays a configurable showable list of subcategories, pages, images, or parent categories.


  • {{category tree all}} – basic form, uses the name of the category page it is placed on
  • {{category tree all|title}} – uses title as the category page name
  • {{category tree all|mode=categories or pages or all or parents|depth=0, 1 or more|hideroot=on or off|showcount=on or off}} – uses more of the categorytree tag parameters (see for details):
    • mode=pages displays only the pages in the category; mode=all displays subcategories, pages and images; mode=parents displays only the parent categories; mode is categories by default.
    • depth=1 displays one level of the tree; depth=2 displays two levels of the tree, and so forth; depth is 0 by default.
    • hideroot=on hides the root category; hideroot is off by default.
    • showcount=off disables the (category, page, file) count after each category in the tree; showcount is on by default.
    • header=a user-defined header to override the default, for example "click + to show pages"


Subcategories, pages and images

Code: {{category tree all|Health|mode=all}}

To display all pages, subcategories and images click on the "►":
Health(42 C, 13 P)

Code: {{category tree all|Health}}

To display all subcategories click on the "►":
Health(42 C, 13 P)
Parent categories

Code: {{category tree all|Health|mode=parents}}

To display all parents click on the "►":

Code: {{category tree all|Health|mode=parents|header=Breadcrumb (start point)} ... {{category tree all|Health|mode=parents|header=Breadcrumb (finish point)}


Breadcrumb (start point)

|-You are here: "Health"

Breadcrumb (finish point)
Health(42 C, 13 P)


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