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(check views)

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This template creates a link to toollabs:pageviews to check the page views of a given article in a given month and year.


  • {{{1}}} – Article title. If omitted, the Main Page is used.
  • {{{2}}} – Year (YYYY). If omitted, the current year is used.
  • {{{3}}} – Month (MM), with leading zero. If omitted, the current month is used.

There are also aliases for the unnamed parameters:

  • {{{article}}} – Alias for unnamed parameter 1.
  • {{{year}}} – Alias for unnamed parameter 2.
  • {{{month}}} – Alias for unnamed parameter 3.


{{Check views|Coruche wine|2010|05}} and

{{Check views
  | article = Coruche wine
  | year    = 2010
  | month   = 05

both generate (check views)

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