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This template creates a {{cite web}} citation to individual records at the Australian Heritage Database, a useful searchable reference source on Australia's heritage places.


  • There are two unnamed parameters
  1. Place ID number. This is the only mandatory parameter. It can be found at the end of the URL
  2. An optional title

For example, the Emery Point Lighthouse record can be referenced using

{{cite AHD|16274|Emery Point Lighthouse}}

resulting in:

"Emery Point Lighthouse (Place ID 16274)". Australian Heritage Database. Department of the Environment. 

Or, if one prefers not to mention the title:

{{cite AHD|16274}}

results in:

"Place ID 16274". Australian Heritage Database. Department of the Environment. 

  • The date of registration can be specified using the date field.
  • In addition, the access date can be specified using the accessdate fields.
  • Error checking is not done at all. Specifying an incorrect ID will result in a link to a non-existing record.

More examples[edit]

  • Use of date and accessdate fields:

{{cite AHD|105914|Sydney Opera House|date=28 July 2007|accessdate=2010-09-16}}


"Sydney Opera House (Place ID 105914)". Australian Heritage Database. Department of the Environment. 28 July 2007. Retrieved 2010-09-16. 

Harvard style referencing[edit]

This template provides a simple Harvard style reference, using AHD followed by the ID number. For example, to reference the Emery Point Lighthouse use {{sfn|AHD16274}} or {{harvnb|AHD16274}}, as appropriate. However, year referencing is not supported at this time.