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This template creates a {{cite web}} citation for individual entries in the Brisbane City Council online searchable heritage register.


There are three unnamed parameters:

  • the place ID (the number found in the URL) - some entries may contain a number (usually starting with a 6) but this is not the number you want
  • the name of the entry

Note that the name of the entry is sometimes not very helpful, e.g. there are many entries simply called "Residence". Check the entry for "Other names" that might be more descriptive or consider adding the address or other information from the entry to provide more context to the entry name. For example, entry for the former Stephens Shire offices are found here under the unhelpful name of "Residence" (reflecting the building's current use). This is an example of where using the other name "Stephens Shire Divisional Board Office" (its historical use) is likely to be more helpful to the reader.

This is how this entry would be cited

{{Cite BrisbaneHR|57|Stephens Shire Divisional Board Office}}

resulting in:

"Stephens Shire Divisional Board Office". Brisbane Heritage Register. Brisbane City Council. 

  • The access date can be specified using the accessdate fields.
  • Error checking is not done at all. Specifying an incorrect ID will result in a link to a non-existing record.

More examples[edit]

  • Use of accessdate field, for the Annerley Library:

{{Cite BrisbaneHR|62|Annerley Library & Community Centre|accessdate=2 January 2014}}


"Annerley Library & Community Centre". Brisbane Heritage Register. Brisbane City Council. Retrieved 2 January 2014.