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QHR is an abbreviation for the Queensland Heritage Register. This template Cite QHR was formerly known as {{Cite CHIMS}}, and the old template redirects to this one.


This template creates a {{cite web}} citation to individual records in the online database of the Queensland Heritage Register, a useful searchable reference source on heritage places in Queensland, Australia.


  • There are three unnamed parameters
  1. The old Place ID number (used as the primary key prior to July 2015). It was found at the end of the URLs retrieved from the Queensland Heritage Register before July 2015. If using this template after July 2015, you probably will not know this number and should leave the parameter empty.
  2. The title of the heritage listing (available from the Queensland Heritage Register entry)
  3. The Reference Number (used as the primary key from July 2015). It can be found at the end of URLs retrieved afrom the Queensland Heritage Register fter July 2015.
  • The access date should be specified using the accessdate fields.

For example, the Cape Moreton Light record can be referenced using

{{Cite QHR|15032|Cape Moreton Lightstation|600257|accessdate=13 July 2015}}

resulting in:

"Cape Moreton Lightstation (entry 600257)". Queensland Heritage Register. Queensland Heritage Council. Retrieved 13 July 2015. 

  • Error checking is not done at all. Specifying an incorrect Reference Number will result in a link to a non-existing record.

Post July 2015[edit]

  • Leaving the old ID field empty

{{Cite QHR||Bellevue Homestead|600492|accessdate=13 July 2015}}


"Bellevue Homestead (entry 600492)". Queensland Heritage Register. Queensland Heritage Council. Retrieved 13 July 2015. 

Confused between pre- and post- July 2015 numbering[edit]

If you have a number that is 5 or few digits, it is a pre-July 2015 number and goes in the 1st parameter. If you have a 6-digit number, you have a post-July 2015 number and it goes in the 3rd parameter. To successfully cite after July 2015, you need the post-July 2015 number. Or ask for help on the talk page.