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This citation template can be used to cite web pages at ListsOfJohn.com.


A search engine can be found here but it is difficult to use. A Google search using this form might be easier.

While elevations appear to be accurate, the criteria used to calculate other values should be understood. For example, the value given for "rise" is derived using interpolated elevations. This results in what is sometimes referred to as mid-range or mean prominence. Articles on Wikipedia generally give the clean or pessimistic prominence. See this section for more information. This is mentioned in order to avoid confusion about differences between sources.

Parameter Instructions Notes
{{cite loj
| id = 
| name =
| accessdate = 
Id as above
Full date


Used with named parameters:

{{cite loj |id=16669 |name=Mount Whitney}}"Mount Whitney". ListsOfJohn.com. 

Used with unnamed parameters:

{{cite loj|16669|Mount Whitney|2008-10-31}}"Mount Whitney". ListsOfJohn.com. Retrieved 2011-05-16. 

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