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{{Copyviocore/sandbox |url= |month = December |day = 18 |year = 2017 |time = 11:43 |timestamp = 20171218114322}}

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If a text page is a likely copyright violation, replacing the text with the following will result in explanations and links about dealing with copyright issues:

{{subst:copyvio |url=source(s)}}

This template must always be substituted.

  • If the entire page, including all previous versions of it, is a blatant copyright violation, do not use this template and do not blank the page. Tag with {{db-copyvio}} instead.
  • If only part of the page is a likely copyright violation, you may replace only that section. The template by default will blank all content following it; to limit the blanking, place {{Copyviocore bottom}} at the point where copyright concerns end.
  • This template is not for use with images. Blatant image copyright violations should be tagged with {{Db-f9}}. Otherwise, suspected image violations should be tagged with {{Ffd}}. If this template is used on a page in the File namespace, it will transclude Template:Copyvio error above the notice.
  • Separate multiple URLs with spaces.

See also[edit]

  • Wikipedia:CP#Instructions – For a more detailed description on how to use this template as well as the other related templates
  • {{db-g12}} – For speedy deletion of blatant text copyright violations
  • {{Cv-unsure}} – If you're unsure whether a page violates a copyright
  • {{Copyvio link}} – For just tagging a single external link, rather than an entire page
  • {{Copyvio/core}} – To see the body of text this template places.
  • {{Copypaste}} – For articles or sections that appear to be 'copy-pasted' from another source. Don't use this template if you have strong reason to believe that the material is a copyright infringement, as it does not remove text that may be published unlawfully.
  • {{Non-free}} – For flagging articles that may use excessive amounts of non-free material
  • {{Uw-copyright}} – For warning users who violate copyright