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To use, add {{CotM|year=YY|month=MM|project=project name|project2=second project name}} to an article talk page, generally above existing project banners when the collaboration is current, and after them when it is not. This template may be placed inside {{|tlx|WikiProjectBannerShell}}, when present, if the top of the talk page is cluttered, and should be, at the bottom, when the collaboration has ended.

Required parameters

  • |year= four digits, e.g. 2010
  • |month= must be numeric, with or without a leading zero, e.g. April = 4, November = 11
  • |project= name of project (minus "Wikipedia:WikiProject "), e.g. Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela = Venezuela
  • |project2= name of second project in the collaboration

Optional parameters

  • |board= page where the collaboration is discussed
  • |project3= name of third project in case the collaboration involves three; project and project2 have to be specified also.
  • |project4= name of fourth project in case the collaboration involves four; project through project3 have to be specified also.
Note: Actual project order in the rendered template will be project, project3, project4, and project2.


  • {{CotM|year=2010|month=4|project=Venezuela|project2=Films|board=Wikipedia:Venezuela-related regional notice board}}



Current collaborations appear in Category:Wikipedia current Collaborations of the Month.