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{{Csb link}} allows linking to a college softball team page that may not yet exist. It will display the best available link.

For example, if I want to link to the article about the 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide softball team that may or may not exist, I would make this call:

{{csb link|year=2020|team=Alabama Crimson Tide|school=University of Alabama|title=Alabama}}

This would yield: Alabama

Important - whitespace cannot be included or it will be added to the wiki link and it will not function properly.

Use of this template[edit]

Due to restrictions on use of #ifexist, it is important to not use this template if it isn't needed. In other words, if the link already exists, just link to it. Category:Excessive uses of csb link contains a list of occasions where this template is used and doesn't need to be.

Please do not use this template on disambiguation pages (dab pages) due to requirements for links on dab pages.

Naming conventions[edit]

In order for this template to work, articles MUST be named correctly. The baseball naming convention is:


parameter meaning
year (optional) Supply a year if you want to link to the yearly page, e.g., 2007 Virginia Tech Hokies softball team
team The athletics program article for this school, e.g., Virginia Tech Hokies, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Miami Hurricanes
school The main article for this school, e.g., Florida State University, University of Virginia
title (optional) The display name for this link. Usually, this will be the common name for the school (without "university"), like Duke, Florida State, Virginia Tech, etc. If left blank, the link will be non-piped, i.e., it will display the name of the article linked to.


{{csb link|year=2099|team=Texas A&M Aggies|school=Texas A&M University|title=Texas A&M}} Texas A&M
{{csb link|year=2013|team=Alabama Crimson Tide|school=University of Alabama|title=Alabama}} Alabama
{{csb link|team=Florida State Seminoles|school=Florida State University|title=FSU}} FSU
{{csb link|year=2008|team=Utah Utes}} Utah Utes softball

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