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This template is deprecated. The Index and Epitome is a tertiary source that references the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB), which is a secondary source. All articles from the DNB are now (as of 2013) available at Wikisource (see s:DNB00) so our Wikipedia articles should reference the DNB, not the DNBIE. The DNB is a reliable source. See WP:V.


The DNBIE template should be placed in the References section of an article usually after an Attribution notice (see the where to place attribution section in the plagiarism guideline).

The possible parameters for the template are: {{DNBIE|wstitle=|title=|page=|pages=}}

  • wstitle=page name — use this parameter if the DNB article has been copied onto Wikisource
  • title=page name — use this parameter if the DNB article has not been copied onto Wikisource
  • page=page number — the text of this template provides a link to the facsimile copy of the DNBIE Internet Archive, so providing the page number helps other editors find the entry in the DNBIE entry. As the entry includes the volume and page number of the main DNB article, entering the page number is a useful aid for helping the Wikisource DNB project and the Wikipedia DNB project
  • pages=page numbers — as for page= but for entries that span more than one page.

Hidden categories[edit]

This template includes two hidden categories:

They do not appear at the bottom of an article page but do contain any article page that fit the categories.

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