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This template creates a {{cite web}} reference to an entry in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (DNZB).


Typical usage would be between <ref></ref> tags, with the code below suitable for copy and paste:

<ref name="DNZB lastname">{{DNZB|last|first|id|title|18 April 2018||authorlink}}</ref>

  1. last: Surname of the author of the DNZB entry
  2. first: First names of the author
  3. id: Id in the DNZB URL, consisting of 3 or 4 alphanumeric characters
  4. title: Title of the DNZB entry
  5. accessdate: Date the DNZB entry was last verified to support the text in the Wikipedia article
  6. A plain link without cite web can be created with plainlink=y.
  7. authorlink: Title of a Wikipedia article about the author
  8. author: An alternative to last and first
  9. authors: Free-form list of author names

All parameters are optional. title defaults to PAGENAME.

The archiveurl and archivedate parameters of {{cite web}} can also be used.


The DNZB biography for James FitzGerald is at http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/1f9/fitzgerald-james-edward.[1] The id in the URL is '1f9'. The entry was written by W. David McIntyre and is entitled 'FitzGerald, James Edward' as per the footnote on that page. Accessing the biography today (UTC) would result in the following code:

<ref name="DNZB FitzGerald">{{DNZB|McIntyre |W. David |1f9 |FitzGerald, James Edward |18 April 2018 | |W. David McIntyre}}</ref>

Alternatively, to create a plain link:[2]

<ref name="DNZB FitzGerald">{{DNZB| | |1f9 |FitzGerald, James Edward | |y | }}</ref>

These will give the following footnotes: