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Hook review
Format Citation Neutrality Interest
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{{DYK hook checklist
 | format     = <!-- ~~~ -->
 | citation   = <!-- ~~~ -->
 | neutrality = <!-- ~~~ -->
 | interest   = <!-- ~~~ -->
 | alt        = <!-- Leave blank unless this is a review for an ALT hook. -->

For a check which passes, add a signature without timestamp (~~~).

For a check which fails, leave the relevant entry in the template blank (and leave a comment below the template explaining the problem).

The fields refer to the following checks:

  • |format= refers to whether the hook conforms to WP:DYK#Format.
  • |citation= refers to whether the hook is supported by a direct, inline citation to a reliable source in the article (WP:DYK#Content).
  • |neutrality= refers to whether the hook is NPOV, and particularly that it is not promotional and does not focus unduly on negative aspects of living individuals (WP:DYK#Content).
  • |interest= refers to whether the hook is interesting and "hooky".

In cases where a nomination has had multiple ALT hooks proposed, |alt= may be used to specify which ALT is being reviewed (inputs of both |alt=2 format and |alt=ALT2 format are accepted). For the original hook, leave this field blank.

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