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Discogs master at Discogs (list of releases)

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External link to Discogs' master list of audio format releases (as opposed to {{Discogs release}} which only links to a given release), including "double-quotes" for singles and italics for everything else.
{{Discogs master|MASTER}} (for non-singles)
{{Discogs master|MASTER|type=album OR single}}
{{Discogs master|MASTER|WORKNAME|type=album OR single}}
{{Discogs master|MASTER|name=WORKNAME|type=album OR single}}
{{Discogs master|master=MASTER|WORKNAME|type=album OR single}}
{{Discogs master|master=MASTER|name=WORKNAME|type=album OR single}}
Album usage
For Novus Magnificat at you use:
* {{Discogs master|82870|Novus Magnificat|type=album}}
* {{Discogs master|master=82870|name=Novus Magnificat|type=album}} (canonically)
Single usage
For "Love Me Do" at you use:
* {{Discogs master|45574|Love Me Do|type=single}}
* {{Discogs master|master=45574|name=Love Me Do|type=single}} (canonically)

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