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As of [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid={{{revision}}}}} this edit], this article uses content from {{{source}}}, a source licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License which was imported into Wikipedia before November 2008 and is therefore validly licensed for use on Wikipedia. All relevant terms must be followed. The original article was at [{{{sourcepath}}} "{{{sourcearticle}}}"].


{{GFDLlegacy|source=SOURCE WEBSITE NAME|sourcepath=URL|sourcearticle=ARTICLE NAME AT SOURCE|revision=WIKIPEDIA REVISION}} This attribution template should be placed at the top of a References or Sources section on relevant articles.

Please consider adding {{GFDLexempt}} on the talk page of the article, too.


  • source: The name of the source website.
  • sourcepath: The URL of the source page.
  • sourcearticle: The name of the page or section of the page being incorporated.
  • revision: The permanent identification of the Wikipedia revision that incorporated the text. To get this, take the digits at the end of a permanent link, after "oldid=".
{{GFDLlegacy|source=Test Wiki|sourcepath=http://www.test.com/page|sourcearticle=Test page|revision=287656179}}