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This template creates an inline hCard microformat for a person, with their date of birth (and optionally age, if living), using either {{birth date}} or {{birth date and age}}.

For inline hCards for a building, organisation or place, see {{Hcard-geo}}).


The template has five parameters:

  1. name = the person's name (becomes hCard's "fn" class).
  2. template type = "birth date" or "birth date and age" (emits data formatted in hCard's bday class; do not use the latter for dead people)
  3. birth year = four digits
  4. birth month = two digits
  5. birth day = two digits

Copyable code[edit]

Overwrite place-holder text; remove " and age" if subject is dead:

{{hcard-bday|PersonName|birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}}



lorem {{hcard-bday
|Tim Berners-Lee
|birth date and age
}} ipsum

which may be written in one line, as:

lorem {{hcard-bday|Tim Berners-Lee|birth date and age|1955|06|08}} ipsum


lorem Tim Berners-Lee, b. (1955-06-08) June 8, 1955 (age 61) ipsum


For a dead person (or where age is simply not desired)

lorem {{hcard-bday
|Jimi Hendrix
|birth date
}} ipsum


lorem Jimi Hendrix, b. (1942-11-27)November 27, 1942 ipsum