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This template is a hatnote that can be put at the top of a biographical article to explain to readers that an Indonesian name may not have a family name. Instead, the name may be a series of given names. Alternatively, the second element of the name is a patronymic, that is, the given name of his or her father.


Indonesian name with no family name:

{{Indonesian name}}

Indonesian name with a patronymic:

{{Indonesian name|patronymic=yes|[patronymic name]}}

Indonesian name with a patronymic, and that person should be referred to by the given name:

{{Indonesian name|patronymic=yes|[patronymic name]|[given name]}}
Parameter Description
note Optional: if "patronymic=yes", the additional note(s) on the person's patronymic appears. This naming form is often used by Malays in Malaysia and Singapore. If "patronymic=no" or the "patronymic" parameter is omitted, the explanatory note is not displayed.
[patronymic name] Replace this term with the person's patronymic, or father's name.
[given name] Replace this term with the person's given name.


Wikitext Result
{{Indonesian name}}
{{Indonesian name|patronymic=yes|Sukarnoputri}}
{{Indonesian name|patronymic=yes|Sukarnoputri|Megawati}}

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