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Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis 500
Sanctioning body {{{sanction}}}
Date {{{date}}}
Winner {{{winner}}}
Winning Entrant {{{team}}}
Average speed {{{mph}}}
Pole position {{{pole}}}
Pole speed {{{pole_speed}}}
Most laps led {{{leader}}}
Pace car {{{pace_car}}}
Pace car driver {{{pace_driver}}}
Starter {{{starter}}}
Honorary referee {{{honorary}}}
Estimated attendance {{{attendance}}}
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This template is to be used on the individual Indianapolis 500 race pages. This template is appropriate for Indy 500 race articles from roughly 1911 to 1941. It can also be used sparingly for races in 1946–1960.

From 1950 till 1960, the Indianapolis 500 was part of the World Championship, and thus those articles should utilize the Grand Prix infobox.

It is not suggested that this infobox be used for races after 1961. Instead, use Template:Infobox Indy500 for those years.

This infobox differs from Template:Infobox Indy500 in that several cells were removed. There were several pieces of information that are only appropriate or applicable for more recent editions of the race. Including, but not limited to the pre-race ceremonies, and television information, and Rookie of the Year Award.


The following blank version includes all parameters and can be used to copied directly for use. Some of the standard inputs have been included as examples. There were no race logos for early races. It is appropriate to substitute this cell with a photograph of the winning car/driver.

{{Infobox Indy500 (1911-1941)
| race_name      = xxth Indianapolis 500
| race_logo      = 
| sanction       = [[AAA Contest Board|AAA]]
| date           = May xx, xxxx
| winner         = 
| team           =
| mph            = {{convert|000.000|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on}}
| pole           = 
| pole_speed     = {{convert|000.000|mi/h|km/h|abbr=on}}
| leader         =  (xxx)
| pace_car       = 
| pace_driver    = 
| starter        = 
| honorary       = 
| previous       = [[19xx Indianapolis 500|19xx]]
| next           = [[19xx Indianapolis 500|19xx]]

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