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Infobox New Zealand suburbs
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All values except 'name' (=local authority) are optional, all information except the 'surrounded by's should be cited within the article.

{{Infobox New Zealand suburbs
| name            =auckland
| image           =
| caption1        =
| map             = 
| caption2        =
| location_map    =
| city1           = 
| ward            =franklin
| board           = 
| sub_board       = 
| established     =
| area            =
| population      =
| popsource       = <ref></ref>
| popdate         =
| postcode        = 
| trainstations   = 
| railwaystations = 
| ferryterminals  =
| buswaystations  =
| airports        =
| hospitals       =
| north           =
| northeast       =
| east            =
| southeast       =
| south           =
| southwest       =
| west            =
| northwest       =

Field use[edit]

  • name - name of the suburb. Where the article name has a qualifier (like "Devonport, New Zealand") please omit the qualifier unless there is a second New Zealand version of the suburb.
  • image - link to an image of the suburb here. This should not be a map (these go further below). Use the full name, including the ".jpg" (or whatever the filetype) suffix, but without the "File:".
    • caption1 - caption of the picture.
  • map - provide a map image if available, see 'image' above for syntax.
  • caption2 - provide a caption in the line of 'Location of (spell out 'name' by hand) in (spell out 'city1' by hand).
  • location map - for use with Template:Location map, available New Zealand maps are in Category:New Zealand location map templates
  • coordinates - for use with Template:Location map
  • city1 - this is the city the suburb is in. This is defined by the local authority (i.e. Auckland Council, not Auckland).
  • ward - defined ward of the city.
  • established - approximate year suburb was established. May in some cases be pre-European, but only if there was reasonable continuity.
  • area - area for the size of the suburb in hectares. The "ha" will be added automatically.
    • arearef or areasource - reference for the area figure.
  • population - population size. Please use thousand-commas as in "10,200".
    • popdate - date for the population count.
    • popref or popsource - reference for the population count.
  • trainstations - local train stations (local only please, NOT the closest). Only for use in Auckland suburbs.
  • railwaystations - local railway stations (local only please, NOT the closest). For use everywhere except Auckland.
  • ferryterminals - local ferry terminals (local only please, NOT the closest).
  • buswaystations - local busway stations (local only please, NOT the closest). Only for use in Auckland suburbs along the Northern Busway.
  • airports - local airports (local only please, NOT the closest). This does include smaller airfields and heliports (but not single helicopter landing pads such as for a hospital), as long as regular activity exists.
  • hospitals - local hospitals (local only please, NOT the closest). This excludes most medical centres - hospitals as defined here would need to have in-patients (patients staying overnight) or be especially large/notable medical centres without inpatients.
  • north, northeast ... - location of the suburb with the surrounding suburbs. Restrict to one each per direction, unless there are clearly more than one in that direction directly adjacent (should not happen, there are rarely more than 8 directly surrounding suburbs!) Note that this field can be filled with non-suburb links such as Wellington Harbour. If such a non-suburb link is used, please put in round brackets such as the following example: (Waitakere Ranges).

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