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importScript( '{{{1}}}' ); // Backlink: [[{{{1}}}]]

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This template is used to install user scripts that reside on the English Wikipedia. It is to be used primarily on Special:MyPage/common.js or Special:MyPage/skin.js. It adds the necessary importScript line along with a backlink.


In order to install a user script for your Wikipedia account, add the following line to Special:MyPage/common.js or Special:MyPage/skin.js:


  • Replace script_path with the full .js page name of the user script to be installed.
  • The template must be substituted (subst:), or else it won't work.
  • Bypass your cache after saving the page.



  • Produces: importScript('User:TheDJ/sharebox.js'); // Backlink: [[User:TheDJ/sharebox.js]]

See also

  • {{Load user script}} ({{Lusc}}) – Version of this script that uses the non-deprecated mw.loader.load() method.