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This template determines if a file exists locally on Wikipedia or at Commons. The local file supersedes the Commons file - if uploaded files exist at both wikis, only the local file is shown.


Parameter 1 is the name of the file you wish to return the results for. The File: prefix can be omitted. If the parameter is omitted, the value returned is for the current page - if this is outside the file namespace, it will return no. Otherwise, the template will return yes if the file is on Commons and no if not.


File Commons has enwiki has Call Output
File:Example.png File Nothing {{Is Commons|Example.png}} yes
File:1783 balloonj.jpg File Description page {{Is Commons|1783 balloonj.jpg}} yes
File:Information icon.svg File File {{Is Commons|Information icon.svg}} no
File:Starbucks Coffee Logo.svg Nothing File {{Is Commons|Starbucks Coffee Logo.svg}} no
(an example would meet G8) Nothing Description page no
File:Nonexistent file.png Nothing Nothing {{Is Commons|Nonexistent file.png}} no