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This template creates an external link to the Minor Planet Center's (MPC) object page for a specific minor planet, based on its number or provisional designation. The template can also be used for comets. The MPC object page is a summary page of a body's discovery, orbital, and observational data. It is displayed when using the MPC Database Search engine for a single object search.


Note: not replacing white spaces with a plus sign (+) may result in URL corruption or a link to an erroneous object view.

This template accepts 2 unnamed parameters. The required first parameter is the minor planet's unique identifier. The optional second parameter is replacement wikilink text.


Numbered minor planets[edit]

For numbered minor planets, simply use its number:

Unnumbered minor planets[edit]

For unnumbered minor planets, use a plus-sign (+) between the numeric and alphanumeric part of the provisional designation:

  • {{MPC|2010+JL88}} produces MPC, a link to MPC's corresponding page for 2010 JL88
  • {{MPC|2010+JL88|2010 JL88}} produces 2010 JL88


For comets, also use a plus sign (+) instead of white spaces:

For numbered comets do not add the name part of the comet's designation:

  • {{MPC|46P}} produces MPC, an external link to MPC's corresponding page for 46P/Wirtanen
  • {{MPC|46P|46P}} produces 46P

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