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This template is used to create documentation for templates contained in Wikipedia:WikiProject New York City Public Transportation/New York City Subway/Services and lines.


The parameters of the template are:

  • "line" - rail line the template refers to
  • "tracks" - trackage the template refers to (e.g. local, express, all) (optional, not needed if the answer is "all")
  • "north" - northern limits of the template (optional if "only" is there)
  • "south" - southern limits of the template (optional if "only" is there)
  • "only" - if the template refers to one location only (optional if "north" and "south" are there)
  • "stations" - stations for which the template applies (optional)
  • "exclude" - to show the "exclude" parameter; value will be the name of the service (e.g. 4, B) (optional)
  • "complex" – If the station is a station complex, then all of the above parameters will be excluded, except the "exclude" parameter.

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