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"[term needed]". Oxford English Dictionary (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. September 2005.  (Subscription or UK public library membership required.)

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The Cite OED template generates a citation and online reference for a particular word defined in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. No support for volume or page is included; they are inappropriate for an online citation.


if used within an inline footnote, the footnote should be inserted after punctuation, such as a period or comma.

In its simplest form:

{{Cite OED | term }} — where term is a word or a term used in the OED

There are other parameters:

|term=word (or term) — one must be supplied if an unnamed parameter is not. 
|id=numeric id — optional the numeric id is the one used internally by the OED.
                     It is useful for when there is more than one entry for a term within
                     the OED, or to remove the additional search term from the url.
                     This number can be found in the online OED URL. 
|url= — is automatically filled out using the value of term= or if present the value of id=
|encyclopedia=Oxford English Dictionary — a default value which can not be changed
|ref=Reference-OED-term — this is a default value which can be changed 
                              or set to none to unset it.
|short=value — if set to any value it suppresses the display of the following parameters:
  |date=September 2005 — a default value that can be changed
  |edition=3rd — a default value that can be changed 
  |publisher=Oxford University Press — a default value which can not be changed

None of the other parameters available in {{cite encyclopaedia}} are available to be set in this template.

See also

  • {{Cite OED1}} which generates similar code for the first edition.
  • {{Cite OED2}} which generates similar code for the second edition.