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Old Bailey Proceedings Online, Trial of {{{defendant}}}. ({{{id}}}, {{{trialdate}}}).

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Citation template for trials in http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/index.jsp Old Bailey Online].


{{Old Bailey
  |defendant  = The name of the defendant from the title (do not use wikilinks)
  |id         = The site ID number - listed under the title as "Reference"
  |trialdate  = Date of the trial from the title
  |accessdate = Date accessed (optional)


{{Old Bailey | defendant = John Gillingham | id = t17160517-40 | trialdate = 17 May 1716 | accessdate = 2012-05-17 }}

renders as:

Old Bailey Proceedings Online (accessed 2012-05-17), Trial of John Gillingham. (t17160517-40, 17 May 1716).

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