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This template may be used to identify sources that require a login or password to access, for example, if it is not known whether registration is free or payment is required, or most especially if the owner reserves the right to start charging registered users a recurring fee in the future without further notice to them. It may also be added to flag a source that is not publicly accessible; for example, if you see a citation to a company intranet (or extranet) inside an article, then you may use this template to tag the citation accordingly.

To use this template, optionally insert the "{{closed access}}" template after the opening <ref> tag, then insert this “{{password-protected}}” template before the closing </ref> tag; for example,

 ...Microsoft licensing agreements.<ref>{{closed access}}https://eagreements.microsoft.com{{Password-protected}}</ref>

will produce:

...Microsoft licensing agreements.[1]

in the text of the article, and

  1. ^ closed access publication – behind paywallhttps://eagreements.microsoft.com (password-protected)
in the reference list ("{{reflist}}" or “<references />” appears).

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