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Leigh Rayment's Privy Council Page[self-published source] [better source needed]

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This template is used to access Leigh Rayment's list of membership of the Privy Councils of the United Kingdom: 1679-1835, 1836-1914, 1915-1968, 1969- ; Ireland and Northern Ireland; and Canada on Leigh Rayment's Peerage Pages http://www.leighrayment.com/#Privy%20Councils%3A

The template links to that web site and should be used with a |date=month year parameter.

There is one optional named parameter called |external links= which should be set to "1" if this template is being used in an "External links" or a "Further reading" section of an article. It will turn off the two messages warning that this is a [self-published source?] and [better source needed].


This places articles into several hidden sub-categories of

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