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[[{{{1}}}, South Australia|{{{1}}}]]

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This is the basic syntax you need to get a listing of appropriately wikilinked South Australian cities, suburbs, and features. This is mainly used for junction and exit list tables for SA highways, but can be used elsewhere.


Link to a disambiguated article
  • Instead of [[Article, South Australia|Article]], use
  • Instead of [[Article (South Australia)|Article]], use
All parameters

Here's what you should fill in[edit]

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.: The name of the city, suburb, or feature to be wikilinked to.
    • The text entered here is what will be displayed in the list.
    • Enter the text exactly as it appears in the article title, but without disambiguation
    • The parameters replace the numbers, i.e. it should not be 1=Bordertown, just simply Bordertown.
    • Up to 13 places can be included this way
  • b1=, b2=, b3=, b4=, etc.: Can be set to on or omitted.
    • Set as on if the article uses brackets for disambiguation, in the form of "<article> (South Australia)".
    • Omit parameter if the article uses a comma for disambiguation, in the form of "<article>, South Australia".
  • pre= or p= or dash=: Can be used to include punctuation at the start of the list (a comma or ndash).
    • If set to dash, or ndash, or d, or n, or on, the list will be preceded by an ndash (–).
    • If set to comma, or equivalently , (an actual comma), the list will be preceded by a comma (,). This can be used to continue a list if multiple instances of this template are used.
    • If omitted, or set to off, or equivalently no, the list will not be preceded by any punctuation
  • All parameters except for 1 are optional.


What you type What you get
{{SAcity|Bordertown}} Bordertown
{{SAcity|Adelaide|Bremer River|b2=on|adelaide}} Adelaide, Bremer River, Adelaide
{{SAcity|Mount Gambier|dash=on}}  – Mount Gambier

See also[edit]

{{AUSinttop}}, {{SAint}}, {{Jctbtm}}: Used to generate an MOS:RJL compliant junction table

{{AUshield}}: Used to generate shields for Australian routes