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This SI unit is named after [[{{{1}}}]]. As with every International System of Units (SI) unit named for a person, the first letter of its symbol is upper case ({{{3}}}). However, when an SI unit is spelled out in English, it should always begin with a lower case letter ({{{2}}})—except in a situation where any word in that position would be capitalized, such as at the beginning of a sentence or in material using title case. Note that "degree Celsius" conforms to this rule because the "d" is lowercase.— Based on The International System of Units, section 5.2.

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{{SI unit lowercase|Blaise Pascal|pascal|Pa}}
Rationale for the template
These are important SI-related rules that many get wrong, so it is better that we make them systematically conspicuous. Using the lowercase title template would be incorrect, since SI units behave like all other common nouns. The SI explicitly states that they can be capitalised at the beginning of sentences and in titles.