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Template:SamadhiBhavana (Samādhibhāvanā) is Pali for "concentration development" which can refer to either: (a) developments that arise from concentrative efforts; or, (b) the meditative development of concentration. In the Sinhala edition of the Pali Canon, Samādhibhāvanā is the name assigned to the AN IV.41 discourse in which the Buddha describes four developments that arise from four different types of concentration (samādhi) meditation (bhāvanā). This template's table summarizes these four developments and their associated meditative bases.


This template can be invoked as follows:

{{SamadhiBhavana}}transcludes the template as shown here.

Because of the size of this table, it is initially transcluded in the "collapsed" state. To reveal the table, click on "[show]".

About the translation[edit]

The translations of the Pali in this table are based primarily on Rhys Davids & Stede (1921-25), with some contemporary word choices borrowed from Nyanaponika & Bodhi (1999) and Upalavanna (n.d.).

While most of the translations provided in this table are straightforward, the second type of concentration meditation (ālokasañña) and its development (ñāṇadassana) have been translated in various ways in available English-language sources due to the multiple meanings of root words. For instance, according to Rhys Davids & Stede, 1921-25, entry for "dassana," p. 317, "dassana" can mean "seeing, looking; noticing; sight of, appearance, look; ... perception, faculty of apperception, insight, view, theory" and the compound term, ñāṇadassana means "either 'knowing & seeing,' or perhaps 'the insight arising from knowledge,' perfect knowledge, realization of the truth, wisdom." Thus, to balance explanatory inferences with literal security while attempting to maintain congruence with existing popular English translations, the translation of "knowing and seeing" is used in this table.

Request for potential editors of this template[edit]

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