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{{MoS-guideline}} is used on pages belonging to the Wikipedia Manual of Style. For style guides that do not belong to the MoS, use the {{Subcat guideline}} instead.


 {{MoS-guideline |type= |image= |text= |small= |<shortcut 1> |<shortcut 2> |<shortcut 3> |<shortcut 4> |<shortcut 5>}} 

This template should only be used on pages that have received a general consensus as belonging to the Manual of Style.

If you're writing a new guideline, or substantially revising one, please remember to give the community significant time to consider your proposal. See WP:PROPOSAL for the current best practice on advertising proposals.

For a short introduction on how to go from a proposal to a Wikipedia style guideline, see Category:Wikipedia proposals and How to contribute to Wikipedia guidance.

To use, place one of the following usage strings at the top of the page and fill in the parameters:


The template has four named parameters: type, image, text and small. It also supports up to five unnamed parameters that allow a user to specify shortcut links for the style guideline page.


Code with one or more parameters or shortcut links:

 {{MoS-guideline |WP:MOS |WP:STYLE}} 

For the resulting output, see WP:MOS or WP:STYLE.

 {{MoS-guideline |[[WP:ASR]] [[WP:SELF]]}} 

For the resulting output, see WP:SELF.

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