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{{{1}}} {{{2}}} {{{3}}}
{{{4}}} {{{5}}} {{{6}}}
{{{7}}} {{{8}}} {{{9}}}
Template documentation
Sudoku grid display. Call Tree:
Template                  does and calls next
Sudoku 9x9 grid           expands args
Sudoku 9x9 table          table with 9 boxes, major grids, outer border
Sudoku 3x3 box            box with 3x3 cells
Sudoku 3x3 table          table with 3x3 cells, int. grids only

3x3 table args
1..9 digits,
s1..S9 - cell style settings
  border color, size  - internal borders only
  cell background color

|-table quirks
|style..|  if you want to use a {{tmplt}} for these, the tmplt must
           include |text ..| i.e. w/ leading, trailing pipes
           {{}} must start in col 1

HTML Table Trivia
top level table border=0 m.b.used, else the outer undefined cell border
  segments still display as 1px 3D shading pixels.
cellspacing=0 also required to avoid outer border pixels.

See [[Template:Sudoku 9x9 grid]] for primary documentation.
Modeled after [[Template:4x4_type_square]]
Orig: LarryLACa 11/4/05

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