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Sudoku 9x9
Template documentation
Sudoku grid display. Call tree:
Template                  does and calls next
Sudoku 9x9 grid           expands args
Sudoku 9x9 table          table with 9 boxes, major grids, outer border
Sudoku 3x3 box            box with 3x3 cells
Sudoku 3x3 table          table with 3x3 cells, int. grids only

Implementation Notes.
==|-table quirks
{{template calls}}    - start in col1
{| bgcolor=cxx  (table background color) does not affect
 |+Title        (table title area), if no bgcolor is set for box cell here,
                and the box 3x3 table uses a title, the title will use the (this)
                9x9 table bgcolor, while the rest of the box cell uses the bgcolor
                set in the 3x3 table.
                Similarly, if the bgcolor for a table cell is not set, the cell
                will use the table bgcolor.
== Other..
bgcolor={{{b1c|}}} {{{bgcolor}}} : 
  gives "b1c bgcolor" or " bgcolor" if b1c not set
  When used, only the first word is seen, the second is ignored,
  providing a cheap form of default precedence.
  Won't work inside style elements, only for HTML attributes.
Setting bgcolor for the table is mostly mute, since only the cells
Since this template is routinely called at level 2 (L2) by a convenience wrapper template, no paramaeters will be undefined at L2 (except by accident).  Consequently it is not necessary to test for undefind params, but I do so for compatibility with future usage.

See [[Template:Sudoku 9x9 grid]] for details and
    [[Template:Sudoku 3x3 table]] for table trivia
Modeled after [[Template:4x4 type square]]
Orig: LarryLACa 11/4/05

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