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On this page, Klingon text in the Latin alphabet is displayed in  typewriter font, and with “curly” apostrophes (  ) instead of straight ASCII apostrophes ( ' ). See Klingon language#Writing systems and Template:Tt-Klingon.

This template should be transcluded onto pages with significant amounts of Klingon text in the Latin alphabet after such text has been made unambiguously legible and wiki-safe:

  • For readability, all Klingon text should be enclosed in <code>...</code> tags.(See note) The Klingon letters I as in India (which is always capitalized) and l as in lunch (always lowercase) are nearly indistinguishable in common sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica:
    vs.  l
  • To avoid conflict with wikicode, all apostrophes should be "curly", Unicode Right single quotation mark U+2019 ( ’ ), not the ASCII apostrophe U+0027 ( ' ).

Note: A previous version of this template (20 May 2014‎) specified the <tt>...</tt> tag, which is obsolete.