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WikiProject Musical Instruments This user is a member of WikiProject Musical Instruments.


This template is used to add users to the Category:WikiProject Musical Instruments members category. To add yourself, simply add the following code to your userpage (or your userbox page):

{{User WPMusInst
 |family= (optional)
 |guest= (optional)
 |size= (optional)


  • family — Optional, allows users to choose what specialty they want displayed. If omitted, the display will default to the standard Musical Instrument picture.
    • brass or b
    • keyboards or k
    • percussion or p
    • strings or s
    • woodwinds or w
    • violin or v
  • guest — Optional, allows users to designate "honoured guest" level of participation for the project. If omitted, the display will default to "member" status.
    • yes
  • size — Optional, allows users to control the size of the userbox. If omitted, the display will default to the "normal" userbox size
    • small or s
    • large or l


{{User WPMusInst |family=keyboards}}


{{User WPMusInst