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A Cambridge Alumni Database. University of Cambridge.  missing id. missing name.

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This template is a wrapper template for {{cite encyclopedia}}. It links to the website ACAD (A Cambridge Alumni Database), which is an online enhanced version of Alumni Cantabrigienses, a book that catalogues graduates of Cambridge University through 1900.

{{acad |id= |name= |volume= |year= |ref= |accessdate= |hide errors=}}

Required parameters

  • id : the alphanumeric ID (e.g., "DNKS873WA") of the person's biographical entry. It appears in small print in the right-hand column header for each ACAD search result, and can be hard to spot (search within the web page for the phrase "unique identifier").
  • name : name of the person/biography

For example:

{{Acad|id=MLN900AA|name=Milne, Alan Alexander}}
"Milne, Alan Alexander (MLN900AA)". A Cambridge Alumni Database. University of Cambridge. 

and may also be written:

{{Acad|MLN900AA|Milne, Alan Alexander}}
"Milne, Alan Alexander (MLN900AA)". A Cambridge Alumni Database. University of Cambridge. 

Optional parameters

  • mode: see {{cite encyclopedia}}. it defaults to cs1 but can be changed, eg:
    mode=cs2to match the mode used by the {{citation}} template.
  • ref: see {{cite encyclopedia}}. This can be used in combination with {{harv}}, {{harvnb}} and {{sfn}} templates to link short format citations to this one. Unless overridden by the content of |ref=, {{acad}} creates an anchor id using the content of |id=. To link to the {{acad}} citation, use, for example, {{sfn|ACAD|<id>}} where <id> is the value from |id=.
  • accessdate: full date that ACAD was consulted
  • hide errors: when set to yes, hides error messages

Error messages

If required parameters are empty or omitted, the template will add appropriate error messages to the end of the citation.

  • missing id.|id= is required to create the proper url link to the database; defaults to the database search page;
  • missing name.|name= is required to create the correct title in the rendered citation;
  • |ref=harv not recommended. – Because {{acad}} does not support a |date= or |year= parameter, |ref=harv won't produce a meaningful CITEREF anchor id. See |ref= under §Optional parameters.

{{acad}} citations with missing |name= or |id= are placed in the hidden maintenance category Category:ACAD citations missing parameters when those pages are in article namespace.

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