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no shortcut name given (help)

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This template creates a link to a shortcut in project space, along with hover text that shows a tooltip of the page's nutshell (if it has one) when someone hovers over the link. It can be useful when linking shortcuts in talk page conversations where newcomers may see them.


A simple example: {{WP|BOLD}} generates WP:BOLD.

For pages without a nutshell, it just displays a normal link. You can use it with help pages or pseudo-namespaces, as in {{WP|MOS:ICON}} to generate MOS:ICON, or {{WP|H:ALPH}} to generate Help:ALPH.

Please note that the template is case-sensitive — if you use {{Wp}}, you'll insert a template about water polo, which is probably not what you want. Please also note that some shortcuts link to sections of pages, so trying {{WP|DUE}} will display the nutshell for WP:NPOV, which won't be that useful.

Error messages

This template produces error messages. These messages are:

  • shortcut: invalid title: <title>
  • target: invalid title: <title>
  • shortcut: page does not exist: <title>
  • target: page does not exist: <title>
    • Wikipedia does not have a page at <namespace>:<title>
    • example: {{WP|XXXX}}shortcut: page does not exist: WP:XXXX (help)
  • shortcut: page is empty: <title>
  • target: page is empty: <title>
    • Wikipedia page <title> exists but has no content
  • no shortcut name given
    • This template called without a shortcut name
    • example: {{WP| }}no shortcut name given (help)
  • namespace '<namespace>' not recognized in shortcut: <shortcut>
    • namespace portion of the shortcut is not one of those recognized by the template (see WP:NS). This template recognizes a limited subset of available namespace names:
      namespace names: Help, Wikipedia
      namespace aliases: Project, WP
      pseudo namespaces: H, MOS
    • example: {{WP|TALK:AVCHD}}namespace 'TALK' not recognized in shortcut: TALK:AVCHD (help)


Creates a link to a project space page with hover text displaying the page's nutshell

Template parameters


The shortcut or page you want to link to