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FortAkasaka castlecastellologySee the red links at: List of castles in FranceList of castles in GermanyList of castles in PortugalList of castles in SpainList of castles in Italy
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AlhambraMoscow Kremlinstar fortTower of DavidBattlesbury CampDevil's Dyke, CambridgeshireBanna (Birdoswald)
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Aragonese Castle (it) • Belvoir Fortress (he) • Castle of Charles V (it) • Fortezza da Basso (it) • Koules Fortress (fr) • Prague Castle (fr) • San Carlos de la Barra Fortress (es) • San Felipe Castle (es) • Sobroso Castle (es) • Castillo de Araya (es) • Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia (es) • Fuerte Villapol (es) • Redoubt no. 54 (pl) • Redoubt no. 56 (pl) • Walls of Florence (it), Citadel of Turin (it) [1] hundreds of articles from pt:Categoria:Fortificações de Portugal