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This is just the boilerplate text to help in creating a new WikiProject.

Basic example[edit]

For example, suppose the name of your new WikiProject is Foo. The first step is to create the page "Wikipedia:WikiProject Foo", and substitute this template in it by typing this text: {{subst:WikiProject|Foo}}. After saving, this code will be replaced by a skeleton for a WikiProject page which you have to adapt to the needs of your project. Some elements are in comments and will have to be uncommented, others that are unnecessary will have to be deleted or commented out. Some advice is also provided in the comments.


  • 1 – name and topic of project, the word(s) that come after "WikiProject", e.g. "Underwater Basketweaving" in "WikiProject Underwater Basketweaving". It is conventional to capitalize the major words, as in the title of a book.
  • 2 or topic – name of the main article (or non-article page) of the topic, if it does not match the first parameters, e.g. |2=Underwater basketweaving (notice the lower-case "b").
  • 3 or scope – alternative to the word "coverage" in "dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topic here and the organization of information and articles on this topic." This can be used for more maintenance-oriented projects to use terms like "development and maintenance" or whatever. If even the "information and articles about this topic" wording doesn't really fit the project (e.g. an anti-vandalism effort, or some other entirely internal project), the text will need to be manually adjusted later.
  • 4 or cat – name of the main category of the topic, after the "Category:" part, if it does not match parameter 1 or (if provided) 2, above, e.g. due to a disambiguation.

After creating the page, make sure that all the links that are auto-generated in the page work and go to the correct pages; this template is a very blunt instrument.

Extended example[edit]

An extended example (using real page data for the topic, as of 2016-06):

     {{WikiProject|1=Navigation Templates|topic=Wikipedia:Navigation templates|scope=development and maintenance|cat=Navigational boxes}}

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