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The National Archives project
WikiProject icon This template is related to The National Archives of the United Kingdom. Please copy assessments of the article from the most major WikiProject template to this one as needed.
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This template, like a WikiProject template—though not belonging to a WikiProject per se—allows articles to be tracked according to quality and importance using the WP1.0 bot. It is for articles relating to The National Archives of the United Kingdom. For tagging articles relating to the National Archives and Records Administration of the USA, see {{WikiProject National Archives}}.


The template takes 4 parameters: class, importance, category, and small.

  • class can be any of the usual quality classes: FA, FL, GA, A, B, C, Start, Stub, etc. It's technically optional, but it's part of the point of the template.
  • importance is best thought of as "priority" on the "to-do" lists of Wikipedia editors, rather than some kind of statement of an object's "importance" in the world. The two are often aligned, but not always. This field can be any of the usual importance classes, e.g. Top, High, Mid, Low… it's technically optional, but again, there's little point to the template if the quality and importance parts aren't filled out.
  • category is a sideshow from the WikiProject-template origins of the template, allowing one to specify a subcategory for display purposes. It doesn't have a useful purpose at this point, but is included should interest arise for subcategorization. It is thus obviously highly optional. :)
  • small can make the template small if provided with yes as input.

Template call with usual parameters:

{{WikiProject The National Archives|class=

Template call with all parameters:

{{WikiProject The National Archives|class=