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Template to bring together numerous articles related to Continental Glaciation. Most glacier articles emphasize valley glaciers, which still exist, rather than the Continental Glaciers, which are limited to Greenland and the Antarctic.


I don't understand why this template includes warm stages, whereas the name suggests that this template refers to glaciations. I suggest either the name to be changed or to delete the warm/temperate stages and phenomena.

Besides I very much doubt the usefullness of the template. If this is taken to be seriously, the content will fill more than several screens. Moreover, the content is very American, hardly any features from outside this continent are present.

This kind of information is much better off with good categorization. --Tom Meijer (talk) 11:02, 29 September 2009 (UTC)

Continental vs. Glaciers[edit]

The template was an attempt to begin pulling together the diverse aspects of the Pleistocene glacial period. There are several articles that reference the massive continental glaciers; Last glacial period, Last Glacial Maximum, Timeline of glaciation, Glacial period (which is all European based), Quaternary glaciation and many more. Since none of these articles talk about the physical evidence on the ground, I wanted to set-up a way for readers to locate areas that could be visited and how to recognize the signs.

Since my area of interest and knowledge is North American, that's where I started. So, if I expand categorization of related articles, is there a function for a template? Any template for the matter? Does a template offer something that a category doesn't? Would several templates be better? i.e., Continental Time periods, Glacial Landforms, North American Glacial sites, European Glacial Sites, etc. Or are these really categories?

My problem was that I visited several places that are the results of glaciation, i.e., the Missouri River, Ohio River, Devils Lake State Park, Kelleys Island, Ohio, and Ice Age Trail, Wisconsin. There were no discussion on the glacial creation (I'm working to add that), but mostly, no ready linkage to these areas.

Between categorization and templates, the templates standout, but may or may not be the best option. I'd like some suggestions. (Chris Light (talk) 13:59, 29 September 2009 (UTC))

Template reform[edit]

I suggest to change/morph this template into one about Glaciations that do not overlap the {{template:Glaciers}} template. I think such template sould have the following sub-section:

  • Quaternary glaciations
    • Current glaciations (Antarctica & Greenland)
    • 1st (Würm, Weichsel, Llanquihue, Otago)
    • 2nd (Riss)
    • 3rth-5th (Mindel, Saale)
    • 7th (Güntz)
  • Pre-Quaternary glaciations (Karoo, Andean-Saharan, Cryogenian, Huronian etc..)

Chiton magnificus (talk) 11:31, 26 May 2010 (UTC)