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Non-U1 CDPs[edit]

Note that all CDPs as listed in the Census Bureau or in GNIS have the words "census-designated place" or "CDP" appended to them as part of their name. However, for the vast majority of CDPs, there is also an entry for a populated place with the same base name. It is the shorter name of the populated place that is being used to label most CDPs in templates such as this. In some cases, there is a CDP that does not have an associated populated place of the same name. In this case, the only listed name is "<name of CDP> CDP" or "<name of CDP> census-designated place". This latter case applies to Conning Towers-Nautilus Park and to Oxoboxo River, which are both CDPs with no populated place of the same name. --Polaron | Talk 13:08, 2 July 2011 (UTC)

I have made the same observation at GNIS and factfinder2.census.gov. Additionally, have you checked to verify that the "places" do not appear on the Connecticut state government lists? --Orlady (talk) 13:40, 2 July 2011 (UTC)
Yes, neither of the two entries in question appear on the various lists of places in the state website and state register and manual. --Polaron | Talk 13:44, 2 July 2011 (UTC)
So they exist only as CDPs, and the entities that recognize them include "CDP" in the name. That would suggest that the articles need to be renamed, not just the template entries. Let's not do any more changes, however, until all the parties are aware of this discussion. --Orlady (talk) 13:52, 2 July 2011 (UTC)

Centralized discussion[edit]

With the 2010 Census data becoming a focus for a lot of editing activity, I think we need a US-wide discussion of editing conventions. I've started this at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject United States, which I think is an appropriate venue for it. First topic there is Describing/naming census designated places. Please, let's discuss the issues with this template there. --Orlady (talk) 19:05, 10 July 2011 (UTC)