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Man, this template sucks! I really need to work on it. --Cuddly Panda 08:33, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

can you add some more colors like:DarkGoldenrod,Goldenrod,Brown and Sienna?---[ Patrickstar2 My page My talk page 08:54, 9 May 2007 (UTC)
I'll have to find the code number. I'll try. :) --Cuddly Panda 08:56, 9 May 2007 (UTC)
UPDATE: I got the titles brown, but the backgrounds I'm troubling with. --Cuddly Panda 09:00, 9 May 2007 (UTC)
ok use this as the tile's color 'B8860B' oh and good luck on the background-- Patrickstar2 My page My talk page 09:10, 9 May 2007
Unless I get an expert I can't do the background. --Cuddly Panda 09:31, 9 May 2007 (UTC)
Ok-- Patrickstar2 My page My talk page00:10, 10 May 2007
Someone standardized it to avoid colours. Soz, I didn't do it. --Cuddly Panda 07:34, 21 May 2007 (UTC)

I added colors. Do you like them?-- (talk) 06:22, 30 November 2007 (UTC)