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Ten Mile Tide is an independent band originating in San Francisco. They describe their sound as "feel-good acoustic rock, foot-stomping folk, and beer-drenched bluegrass." Twin brothers Jason (lead electric guitar and vocals) and Justin (rhythm acoustic guitar and vocals) Munning started the band in 1999 at Stanford University along with Steve Kessler (fiddle), Marc Mazzoni (lead vocals, keyboards), Bryan Jayne (bass, vocals), and Brooks Dubose (drums, vocals). Jeff Clemetson (bass), Kristen Kessler (sound) and Matt Mitchell (keyboard) joined on to form the core of the band which toured in different formats full-time for over 6 years.

The band has shared the stage with multiple bands including: Template:Sons of Ralph, The Wailers, Dispatch, moe., the Gourds, Reel Big Fish, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Strangefolk, the Clumsy Lovers, The Slip, Jerry Joseph, Assembly of Dust, Luce, Graham Colton, and Hootie & the Blowfish. They’ve been to multiple music festivals, and received national and international media attention. They also play at many colleges.

In January 2006, Ten Mile Tide was nominated for a Jammy Award by Relix magazine. In April 2005, they were selected as the "New Groove of the Month" by Jambands.com.

Old Skoggins[edit]

Originally, Ten Mile Tide's form of transportation and home while they were on tour was a 1966 GM diesel bus they named "Old Skoggins". It is featured on the cover of their self-titled album and it was the inspiration to the song "Sweet Life”. Skoggins broke down after 39 years on Nov. 1, 2005. It toured through 39 states for a year and a half with the band.

Past albums[edit]

Ten Mile Tide released their first album, Flow, in 2001. It includes songs such as the upbeat "Roll the Top Down" and the more mellow "Siddhartha". The album has Cat Stevens-esque vocals with folk and bluegrass influences.

They released their second album, Midnight is Early, in 2003, featuring the acoustic blends of "Sodium Lights", the motivational lyrics of "Carry On", and the rhythms of "Sweet Life".

Cheerful, San Fran, flowers-in-your-hair lyrics blend smoothly with lyrics that have walked city streets and seen the people that slip through the cracks of the world.

—Libby Kelly, University of New Mexico

Ten Mile Tide's new release Midnight is Early is saturated with wonderfully pleasant harmonies and nicely crafted tunes...Whether you download their music or buy their record, Ten Mile Tide's Midnight is Early is a must have for any fan that loves a good blend of acoustic and electric rock. San Francisco, rich with pop music history, has yet another band to be proud of...

—K.B. Reidenbach, Indie-Music.com

On March 3, 2005, Ten Mile Tide released a self-titled album at the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco. Long before they were recorded the eleven tracks were created and performed on the road. They encompass the band's story over the past two and a half years of touring including many goofy tales from fireworks in the Wal-Mart parking lot to opening for their heroes, Dispatch. The up-beat rhythm of "River Sun and Rain" kicks off the album. Later "Grandpa's Farm" and "Miss Those Days" convey the passing of time and a reliving of their fun memories. The new album captures the spirit behind their antics and is a stepping stone for years to come.


  • Flow (2001)
  • Midnight is Early (2003)
  • Ten Mile Tide (2006)
  • Riverstone (2008)

Copper's Dish[edit]

Copper's Dish was the first incarnation of Ten Mile Tide and included the Munning twins along with childhood friends Shane Wittstruck and Bryan Jayne. The songs "Remember" and "Drive Me Away" among others were originally recorded by Copper's Dish.


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