Tentacles (novel)

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Author Roland Smith
Cover artist Phil Falco
Country United States
Language English
Series Marty and Grace
Genre Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date
October 2009
Media type Print
Pages 319 pp (first edition, paperback)
ISBN 978-0-545-16688-1
OCLC 310398669
Preceded by Cryptid Hunters
Followed by Chupacabra

Tentacles is a 2009 young adult science fiction novel by Roland Smith and the sequel to Cryptid Hunters.[1][2][3][4] It is one of 25 award-winning books by Smith.[1] At Barnes & Noble, it has a sales rank of 18,005 and on the "Lexile" scale, it received a rating equal to "740L".[2][5] It is reviewed by Barnes & Noble as a "must purchase" for libraries and schools.[6] School Library Journal describes it as "a high-octane page-turner".[7]


Tentacles begins as the protagonists from Cryptid Hunters board the Coelacanth, a presumably haunted ship, on a voyage led by Dr. Wolfe to capture a giant squid alive. During the voyage, there are Mokele-mbembe eggs (which Marty and Grace had found in the Congo in Cryptid Hunters) incubating in a laboratory restricted to most of the crew. Unbeknownst to Wolfe, Blackwood's thug, Butch is on board, please. on stealing the eggs and Grace for his boss. The book culminates in a showdown between Blackwood and Wolfe, ending in Ted Bronson, Wolfe's partner's, successful capture of a squid, though Blackwood, thinking Wolfe and the rest of the crew to be dead, escapes with the hatchlings, and Grace. Unbeknownst to Wolfe, Grace tricked Blackwood into taking her, with the dragonspy hidden on her, allowing her to be one step ahead of Blackwood.

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In September 2013 Roland Smith released the third Marty and Grace book, Chupacabra,[16] and in September 2014, the fourth book, Mutation.[17]


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